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European Briefings: Labour & Employment

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Discusses U.K. discrimination laws, Italian labour law, and equal opportunity.


Company Restructuring and the Impact on Employment - Collective Redundancies

ACC Resource Library - EMEA Briefings

What happens when companies restructure in the EU? Read more to find out what issues are faced when mergers occur.


The Role of General Counsel and Corporate Counsel in Latin America

ACC Resource Library - Latin American Briefings

This article profiles Michael Hartman, senior vice president and general counsel of DIRECTV Latin America, and his international legal team. Hartman strives to maintain a birds-eye view of the pan-regional operations and allows every subsidiary the leeway ...


Managing Your First Five Years In-house: Canada's Legal Leaders Weigh In

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

At ACCs Corporate Counsel Institute Canada in March, five GCs from top Canadian companies offered new-to-in-house attendees advice on adapting to the corporate environment during the plenary session. The panelists experiences, personalities and leadership ...


Going Global Surviving the Chinese Banquet Pt. 2

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

James Wong provides insight into appropriate eating and drinking habits during a formal Chinese banquet.


Going Global: The Evolving Role of the In-house Lawyer Outside the United States

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

A European in-house counsel compares life and work as an in-house counsel in the U.S.


Asia-Pacific Employment Law Round-up

ACC Resource Library - Asian Briefings

In order to keep labor costs under control while still safeguarding the rights of more vulnerable employees, laws are being reworked so that employers can benefit from the flexibility afforded by different working models.


Tips & InsightsA Democracy in Its Infancy: Practicing Law in South Africa

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This interview with Jonathan Maphosa, a legal advisor for the investment bank Absa Capital in Sandton, South Africa, sheds light on South Africas history of racial apartheid and its current efforts to form a more inclusive democracy.


Tendered is the Contract: Nuances of EU Land Development

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In the European Union, public procurement law is characterized by a myriad of idiosyncrasies and gray areas that should be closely analyzed before delving too deeply into any land development agreement. If deemed a public works contract, it may be subject ...


Recent Developments in Canadian Merger Remedies: Expediency, Means, and Ends

ACC Resource Library - Canadian Briefings

An update on recent developments in Canadian Merger Remedies: Expediency, Means, and Ends.


Showing 1–10 of about 157

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