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Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Ten Flags of Possible Financial Mismanagement and Fraud 2

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Every CLO needs to be on the lookout for financial mismanagement and corporate fraud. While you don't have to go back to school for an MBA, you do need to learn lessons from your peers' mistakes. Here, the author examines 10 red flags you need to be ...


Canadian Briefings: September 2007

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In this issue: Implications of the Impending Elimination of Canadian Withholding Tax on Interest Payments by Brian E. Bomstein and Martin Fingerhut; The Socioeconomic and Safety Impact of Counterfeits in Canada by Robert J. (RJ) Falconi; Cartels in Canada: ...


Canadian Briefings: October 2006

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This issue includes articles on class actions, employment, and tax issues in Canada.


Is India or China the Savior to the Worlds Economy Needs?

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Without complicated stimulus bills or other governmental prodding of their economies, China and India stand to become the collective antithesis of American recession. How will their free markets play a part in the rebuilding of global finance? Readers ...


Green Eye Shades For In-house Lawyers

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This toolkit provides a guide to some of the basics of financial accounting terms and concepts that are key to in-house lawyers for understanding the company's financial statements as well as a guide to establishing a law department from scratch.


31 Ways to Improve Your Legal Success in Vietnam

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Discusses trade and investment in Vietnam, Vietnam's human rights record, and provides ten tips to help bridge the cultural divide


Canada Reconsiders its Foreign Investment Policy

ACC Resource Library - Canadian Briefings

Read about the changes Canada is looking to make in its foreign investment policies.


Canadian Briefings: September 2006

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This issue includes articles about defensive tactics, border and travel problems, navigating international tax authority and risk management in Canada.


European Briefings: Insolvency

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This issue provides what you need to know about European Insolvency Regulation 1346/2000, Italian insolvency laws, U.K. corporate insolvency law, new insolvency and bankruptcy legislation in Italy, and courting justice.


This Week in Privacy: Were You a Victim of the Equifax Breach?

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Even if you werent impacted, heres how to monitor and protect your credit in case of future hacks.


Showing 1–10 of about 14

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