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ACC Resource Library ACC's Resource Library contains thousands of online legal resources allowing you to find things like sample forms and policies, checklists, articles, surveys and partner resources quickly and easily.

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Recent Developments in Auditor Independence

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board recently issued its long-anticipated rules on auditor independence issues and the relationship with the company's independent auditor. The authors give tips on how you can keep your audit committee up-to-date ...


Increase Legal Department Value: Establish a Goal Focus

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This article looks at the conflict that can arise between in-house lawyers who are working hard on company business and a CEO who thinks of the lawyers as little more than a necessary evil and suggests methods to communicate with a CEO in terms that ...


HandsOn: Roadblock to Revenue or Onramp to Opportunity? Practical Tips and Tools for Negotiating Everyday Contracts

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

How many times have you experienced the quick look reviewyou know, the one where you get to review a contract 25 minutes before the business people are set to sign it? You dont want to be the companys roadblock to revenue, but you need to ensure that ...


Reporting from Chicago: 2007 Annual Meeting Session Highlights

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Missed last year's Annual Meeting? Want to know what all the talk is about? Take a peek inside two sessions to see what you missed.


Outsourcing in Mexico: Best Practices

ACC Resource Library - Latin American Briefings

Corporations engaging staffing companies in Mexico must be careful that they are not considered to be the employer of the staffing companys employees. Recent changes to the Mexico Federal Labor Law (FLL), and in particular to Article 15-A of the FLL, ...


Whistleblowing and the European Compatibility Challenge

ACC Resource Library - EMEA Briefings

A discussion about whistleblowing and it's true meaning.


How To Do An Employee Buyout In The Post-Enron Climate

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Following the collapse of Enron and other high-profile employee-owned companies, you need to revisit the issues surrounding employee buyouts before your company implements such a plan. This article will outline new regulatory proposals and help you avoid ...


Ins & Outs: Mugshots and Elevator Pitches

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Discusses a study in which unfamiliar participants demonstrated they could identify top-performing companies based on photos they were shown of their chief executives.


Canadian Briefings: January/February 2007

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

This issue covers corporate subsidiary governance, litigation privilege, and partial pension wind-ups.


10 Questions Lawyers Should Ask Before Joining a Nonprofit Board

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Working on a nonprofit board can a valuable and rewarding experience. But when the members of the board fail to ask the right questions about how their organization is being managed, the results often end up making the front pages.


Showing 1–10 of about 40

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