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Tips & Insights: Peer-to-Peer Learning

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Jieun Lee is a lifelong student, whether she's learning from her professors, bosses, or friends.


Tips & Insights: Commitment to the Mission

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

There are three things that motivate Carol DiBattiste: challenges, people, and the mission.


The State of Gender Equality in Parental Leave

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

More countries are mandating longer maternity and paternity leave. How does your company measure up?


Legal Considerations in the Use of Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts for Multinational Business

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Blockchain has become an international phenomenon, supplying digital passports for each transaction in the complex global chain. The applicable legislative and regulatory landscape is evolving. Here's how in-house counsel can stay updated.


Missile Strike and Nuclear War? Contract Considerations in 2018

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

When sending staff to potentially unsafe locations, keep these termination provisions in mind.


MeToo: The Global Impact of the Sexual Harassment Movement

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

The global phenomenon surrounding the social media hashtag MeToo has prompted many corporations to take another look at their sexual harassment policies. In a conversation with general counsel in the United States, EMEA, India, and Australia, ACC Docket ...


See This, Asia: March 2018

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

ACC exclusive research on the APAC region.


My Take: Lead On

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Chief Legal Officer Iohann Le Frapper reflects on his past year as ACC Board Chair.


5 Keys to Effective Regulatory Change Management

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Regulatory compliance can be dense, but heres how in-house counsel can help their companies find clarity.


Learn Your World – South Korea

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

To support your global practice, ACC Docket offers country-specific fun facts from your peers who've been there literally.


Behind the Great Firewall of eDiscovery in Asia

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Although the Asia-Pacific region has yet to implement a standardized process for conducting ediscovery, most Asian countries have blocking statutes or privacy laws that restrict the transfer of personal data generally defined as any data that can identify ...


Adopt IP Protections to Ensure Regulatory Exclusivity for Orphan Drugs

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Bringing a drug to market requires an extraordinary investment. In-house counsel at biotech and pharmaceutical companies routinely face the challenge of developing an IP strategy that maximizes an investments return. This is especially difficult when ...


Asian Briefings

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

In this edition, the Docket reviews what every company in in the region needs to know in order to succeed, as well as providing a toolkit for counsel on mitigating IP loss exposure in China.


Protecting Privilege in a Global Business Environment

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Its a connection almost as sacred as any biological bond: the rapport between in-house counsel and clients with global business networks. In the face of litigation, internal documents could be called into evidence and upholding the international sanctity ...


The Global Compliance Landscape: A Resource File

ACC Resource Library - ACC Docket

Compliance is difficult enough when a company operates in just one country. But difficulties become much greater when a company operates in many. Here are some resources for creating effective global compliance programs that support your company's business ...


Showing 1–15 of about 15

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