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Editorial Calendar

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ACC Docket Editorial Calendar 2019

  • Indicates priority articles within the overall issue topic.
IssueFeature article 1st draft due


Ethics & Compliance

  • Ethical considerations during major corporate takeovers or mergers / for nonprofits
  • The regulator/general counsel relationship
  • GDPR and selling data or keeping data — issues around third-party data
  • What do the SEC's new whistleblowing amendments mean for businesses?
  • Enforcement regimes, including but not limited to the FCPA in regions, such as China or Africa
  • New ABC compliance in Ireland, Malaysia, Argentina, and Brazil
  • Ethical and practical considerations for artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) — personal data and devices
  • The gatekeeper verses strategic advisor role Content Due: Jan 11, 2019

MARCHOCT. 12, 2018

Law Department Management

Special Supplement: Legal Operations

  • Spend (controlling costs, doing more with less)
  • Dynamics of managing legal teams in multinational organizations
  • Best workflow allocations
  • Implementation of the role of data privacy officer
  • E-billing practices, a look at auto enforcement
  • How "Lean In" and affinity groups can help retain and grow talent
  • The benefits of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program
  • Role of paralegals in the in-house legal department Content Due: Feb. 7, 2019

APRILNOV. 14, 2018

Employment & HR    

  • Talent grooming and retention, fostering collaboration, preparing for Generation Z
  • Non-competes, nondisclosures, and trade secrets
  • Managing at-will employment and termination standards
  • Healthcare (potential changes, denial of benefits, retirement plans, implementing mental health/drug policies, records disclosures, etc.)
  • Standardizing benefits in a global business environment
  • Can emotional intelligence be taught?
  • Sensitivity training: Does it work?
  • Duty of care
  • Compliance with the acronym agencies
  • Managing a digitally connected workforce and the 24-hour workday
  • Corporate philanthropy: Managing corporate foundations and giving programs
  • Global compensation trends
  • Contract worker or employee? Distinctions in the gig economy Content Due: March 14, 2019

MAYJAN. 11, 2019

Litigation Management

  • Keeping your client out of court
  • Potential pitfalls of global M&A deals
  • What to send to outside counsel, what to manage in-house
  • Determining jurisdiction: The best and worse places to litigate
  • New technologies: Trends in technology tools that might change litigation proceedings
  • Managing multinational litigation
  • Obstacles to e-discovery (bring your own device, etc.)
  • IP trolls and litigation
  • What impact could a changing US Supreme Court bring?
  • A look at the collective action litigation increases in the United Kingdom
  • How analytics are used in litigation / the role of third party litigators
  • Ethical and practical considerations for artificial intelligence in litigation Content Due: April 15, 2019

JUNEFEB. 15, 2019

Cross Borders

  •  Market access: How do companies gain access to government-controlled market segments?
  • Attorney-client privilege: The global right to practice
  • New and expanding in-house opportunities in developing nations (e.g., trends, increased regulations, vendor relationships)
  • The impact of trade deals and charging tariffs (an updated look at Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) / Germany and Japan trade deal, etc.)
  • The recognition and acceptance of foreign official documents in different jurisdictions — practical notions
  • Global business in the era of Brexit, the Trump Administration, and rising global tensions
  • Hacking — a look at ransomware in different jurisdictions
  • How Fintech is transforming global business
  • Managing global brands and reputations in social world
  • Implications of a renegotiated NAFTA Content Due: May 15, 2019



Special Supplement: Top 10 30-Somethings

  • Mentorship within the legal department and across business units / rotation
  • Joining a nonprofit board
  • Leadership — how to become a subject matter expert and showcase it
  • Increasing and demonstrating value in the workplace / professional development
  • Demographic shifts in the legal department and how to address the gender and pay gap
  • How to change careers / why lawyers are open to lateral moves
  • Emotional intelligence and awareness: Using body language as a legal tool
  • Straight to in-house practice
  • The CLO's "Seat at the Table"
  • Diversity in the legal department (focus on bar association, promoting leadership/inclusion)
  • Is CIPP certification the new MBA? Content Due: July 19, 2019


Technology & IP

Special Supplement: Value Champions

  • Demonstrate ROI with a robust information governance program
  • Advances in technology (trends / cloud use in legal departments, etc.)
  • Legality of facial recognition — investing in new technology, etc.
  • Is "green" technology a sustainable business?
  • Copyright and patent protection and trolls
  • Oversight liability, litigation, reliance
  • Update on the GDPR: One year in, what do we know?
  • Beyond blockchain: Cryptocurrencies and the implications of new financial technology
  • Managing copyright clearance in a digital world
  • Navigating the legal minefields of the digital health revolution
  • Social media policies and navigating issues like rights to terminate for content on personal versus company channels
  • Updates on international cybersecurity and privacy laws / policies / data breach
    • Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act — Fintech, hacking, creating a preparedness plan
    • Cyber insurance (when to buy, how to evaluate) Content Due: Aug. 14, 2019


Leading Practices

  • Vendor management
  • Legal specialties — pros and cons
  • Corporate/BOD governance
  • Data management and protection
  • How the net neutrality ruling will impact the business
  • Trends and best practices as it relates to tax law
  • Guidance on online identities (e.g., rights of employees and freedom of speech)
  • The business side: Continuing education outside of an MBA
  • Leading practices for approaching global compensation polices
  • How to strategize for a private equity buyout Content Due:
Sept. 13, 2019


Environment & Energy

  • Climate change policies and working in global energy
  • Developing and implementing an environmental/energy saving program
  • International environmental reporting requirements
  • Using alternative providers and the growth of NewLaw in the APAC region
  • Genetically modified foods (e.g. regulations surrounding GMOs)
  • Energy by region (best practices, policies, etc.)
  • Environmental concerns when breaking ground outside your jurisdiction / globally
  • Sustainability and “green” finance
  • Time to get rid of plastic? Business considerations for being green
  • Environmental considerations in M&A Content Due: Oct. 15, 2019


Risk Assessment & Management

  • Economic change and protecting the enterprise
  • Risk-based framework for contract negotiation and approval
  • Big data risk management (breaches, employee privacy concerns, etc.)
  • Gatekeeper and executive liability
  • "People" risk management (managing employee morale, exits, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Antitrust regulations (e.g., the large fines for Google following EU violation)
  • Should CEOs be on social media? And other interesting questions for public companies
  • Brand protection during a corporate crisis
  • Planning for disasters / attacks (man-made, terror, environmental)
    • Cross border protections following a terrorist attack / employee well-being Content Due: Nov. 14, 2019