Day in the Life: Diane Pedicini Duvall

Diane Pedicini Duvall
VP Deputy General Counsel
Catalent Pharma Solutions
Somerset, New Jersey

5:30 am

I hear the sound of gentle ocean waves and smell French toast in the air — nope, still dreaming — the alarm rings and I hit snooze for another 10-15 minutes.

5:45 am

Awake to reality. Stretch a bit, which I clearly should do more often. Wash my face, brush my teeth, and skim my phone for any urgent items that arose overnight and require my immediate response.

6:00 am

Catch the morning news while making my bed (Mom taught me this provides an early sense of accomplishment each day!) and continue to check emails. Send a request to my admin to reschedule meetings, because new meeting requests will need my attention.

6:30 am

Let Brody, our West Highland terrier, out. Watch him chase the deer off the lawn. Enjoy coffee and a bowl of cereal, while skimming my inbox for legal updates, including ACC Community Connections (E&C, litigation, and employment). Shower and finish getting dressed.

7:15 am

Grab Brody and head out the door. He gets to go to doggie day care two or three times a week — there are days I want to join him and just play with his canine friends all day!

7:30 am

While driving to work, I listen to my first call of the day. Today it’s a HR global site leadership team call with updates to our background screening and talent acquisition processes, and our recent global engagement survey.

8:15 am

Arrive at work and grab another cup of coffee. Check in with my paralegal to catch up on what’s going on with her and the rest of the team.

8:30 am

Touch base with a colleague who requested a review of a proposed anti-bribery provision in a commercial contract being negotiated.

9:00 am

Present a short ethics update to the financial leadership team. I present to each corporate functions’ leadership team once each quarter. Our focus this quarter is on our “speak up” culture and reinforcement of our anti-retaliation policy.

10:00 am

Outside counsel call to go over an intragroup data privacy agreement we have been working on.

11:00 am

HR meeting to review the status of an investigation into a potential policy violation reported into our
Business Conduct Line.

12:00 pm

Peanut butter crackers hold off the hunger while I participate in a status update call about a regulatory compliance challenge in one of our European sites.

1:00 pm

Meeting with the Corporate Records Retention (RR) team that is trying to promote increased awareness of our data management practices.

2:00 pm

One-on-one meeting with our new internal employment counsel to review what’s going on and provide guidance where possible.

3:00 pm

One of our business units wants to retain a consultant in China. I answer questions about a proposal.

4:00 pm

An attorney served an overbroad third party subpoena on us. I call him to narrow the scope of our required response.

5:00 pm

Prepare my comments on proposed updates to our internal Signature Authority Policy. Review my emails again to ensure I responded to everything pressing while prioritizing the to-dos for the next 24 hours.

6:15 pm

Call my daughter, who is away at college, to catch up on things as I head out to pick up Brody. Then phone my husband and son, who are both working remotely, to touch base during the drive home.

7:00 pm

Change into my sweats and contemplate using the treadmill. Opt to eat pasta for dinner instead.

8:00 pm

Back online to check in. Review updates to our Conflict of Interest training course that my paralegal has prepared while watching TV.

9:00 pm

The family group text buzzes about whatever sporting event or reality show is on TV. My family, no matter how spread out, will watch the same thing together. It helps me feel a bit closer to them all.