Day in the Life: Bharat Vansh Bahadur

Bharat Vansh Bahadur




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6:00 am

My alarm goes off, and it’s time to wake up my four-year-old daughter, Noor, for school. I need to think of a new story to coax her into waking up without a tantrum.

7:00 am

Noor and I walk to the school bus stop, where we have a very animated discussion about her upcoming day. After dropping her off, I walk for 30-40 minutes, listening to Indian classical music.

8:15 am

I get ready for work while catching up on the news on my phone and reading the newspaper.

8:45 am

I have a nice, big cup of coffee and breakfast with my wife Ragini and our younger daughter Seher (who is now one month old!) and then head to work.

9:00 am

The day begins like a storm: I sort out emails and prioritize urgent matters, then a quick team meeting follows to review and plan the day ahead. I primarily advise our operational teams on a host of corporate and commercial legal issues. Given that we are a leading airline in India, work is extremely fast-paced and challenging.

10:00 am

Meeting with the chief operating officer to discuss a new flight simulator training contract, which is critical for our company.

11:00 am

Discussion on a codeshare arrangement we recently announced. This throws up various cross-jurisdictional legal issues that need to be thought through and ironed out.

12:00 pm

Eat a home-made lunch in the office cafeteria with other colleagues. There is a lot of banter and laughter at lunch, where we make a conscious effort to try to not talk shop. It’s then time to raid a colleague’s desk for a piece of dark chocolate.

1:00 pm

Take the metro and head for a meeting to discuss airport infrastructure issues relevant to the aviation sector.

2:30 pm

Back to the office and head to my desk. I catch up on the rest of my emails, which I haven’t done since the morning. Respond to emails, draft a new service contract, and review some work from my colleagues.

4:30 pm

Meeting with the airport operations team to discuss the impact of a new legislation on our ground
handling activities.

5:30 pm

Team meeting to review the day’s work and to provide some finishing touches to the contract before it is sent to the counterparty.

6:30 pm

Leave for home. I go down to the playground where my Noor gives me a huge hug when she sees me.

7:30 pm

Check my inbox to see if there is anything that needs my urgent attention.

8:00 pm

While we get ready for bedtime, I read a few books to my older daughter.

8:30 pm

The house is quiet — I pour myself a glass of red wine, practice the tabla (an Indian percussion instrument), and catch up on the day’s events with Ragini.

9:30 pm

We watch an episode of Game of Thrones on TV.

10:30 pm

I think of a new story to tell my daughter in the morning so she gets up on time. Once I have one, it’s time for bed.