Olga V. Mack

CEO and General Counsel at Parley Pro

Olga V. Mack is the CEO and general counsel of Parley Pro, a next-generation contract management company that has pioneered online negotiation technology. Mack shares her views in her columns on ACC DocketNewsweekVentureBeatAbove the LawBloomberg Law, and High Performance Counsel. Mack is also an award-winning (such as the prestigious ACC 2018 Top 10 30-Somethings) general counsel, operations professional, startup advisor, public speaker, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur. She co-founded SunLaw, an organization dedicated to preparing women in-house attorneys to become general counsels and legal leaders, and WISE to help female law firm partners become rainmakers. Mack authored numerous books, including Get on Board: Earning Your Ticket to a Corporate Board Seat and Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security.

My Articles

Guiding Your CEO’s Social Media Adventures

Social media is now one of the main — and still mainly free — tools CEOs use to communicate directly with the public and investors (especially during pandemic lockdowns). It’s the modern way to build a positive brand image, earn trust, and lead through uncertainty. As corporate counsel, your role is to de-risk your CEO’s social media adventures, not stop them. Here’s how.

How In-house Leaders Can Use Technology to Better Prepare for the Next Crisis

During a crisis, corporate counsel deal with many unknowns that make answering a question like this a tricky business. We often need to make decisions long before all the facts are revealed. There are no rulebooks; no straight lines that lead to all the right answers. We can, however, take advantage of technology to ensure we are better informed during a crisis and better able to assist employees and clients.

Remote Collaboration: 3 Ways General Counsel Can Improve their Communication Skills

The coronavirus work from home mandates have shown us that no matter how far apart we are physically, we’re all still very much connected. Remote communication tools bring us together, but new legal leaders still need to ask the right questions, actively listen to others, and set aside any assumptions to accurately assess the lay of the land.

You’re in the Room — Now What? 14 Board Diversity Arguments for In-house Counsel

Because in-house counsel are trusted advisors, key decision-makers, and know their CEOs and chairpersons best, they are particularly positioned to advocate for board diversity in their companies. But once you have a seat at the table, what do you say? These 14 compelling arguments can be used to convince your company to pursue board diversity.

Artificial Intelligence Meets the Mainstream: AI’s Potential Impact on In-house Practice

Right now, we’re applying AI to content on immigration and international travel, which is hosted on our enterprise legal portal. The goal is to provide an efficient and intuitive ‘finding’ experience for employees who need guidance on job-related legal questions, and to continually learn more about what they are trying to find so we can surface that content. Contracts and e-discovery are probably the next logical areas to explore.

Tactics for the Lawyer Turned Teacher: 8 Ways to Step Up Your Classroom Game

Taking on the role of a teacher, lecturer, or adjunct professor is a great opportunity to shape the next generation of lawyers, businesspeople, and other professionals. With so many different possibilities for stepping up your classroom game, it may be difficult to know where to start. We’ve narrowed the field down to eight advanced teaching tactics for lawyers to consider.

Teaching 101 for Lawyers: Basic Preparation for Attorneys-Turned-Teachers

Olga Mack and Troy Foster, a partner in the emerging growth practice group at Perkins Coie, recently taught Financial Statement Analysis for Lawyers at the University of Berkeley School of Law. Their teaching experience was tremendously rewarding and a source of both personal and professional growth. They share several factors that practicing attorneys should consider before embarking on this journey.

From Making the Right Decisions to Asking the Right Questions: Linda Graebner Discusses Her Move from the C-Suite to the Boardroom

Linda Graebner spent many years as a CEO leading consumer product companies, and has held numerous other leadership positions in the business world. But she is currently thriving in a new role: the boardroom. She recently took the time to share some of the details of her board experiences and the insights she has gained along the way, important lessons for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.