Katia Bloom

Commercial Lawyer and Associate General Counsel at ForgeRock

Katia Bloom is a fast-paced and strategic commercial lawyer. Currently, she is the associate general counsel at ForgeRock. Previously, she headed up legal for Avira, Inc., was a founding partner at E Squared Law Group, advising many start-up clients and was in-house counsel at Anesiva. She is actively involved in the Association of Corporate Counsel and a number of organizations promoting women in the legal profession.

My Articles

Artificial Intelligence Meets the Mainstream: AI’s Potential Impact on In-house Practice

Right now, we’re applying AI to content on immigration and international travel, which is hosted on our enterprise legal portal. The goal is to provide an efficient and intuitive ‘finding’ experience for employees who need guidance on job-related legal questions, and to continually learn more about what they are trying to find so we can surface that content. Contracts and e-discovery are probably the next logical areas to explore.

Tactics for the Lawyer Turned Teacher: 8 Ways to Step Up Your Classroom Game

Taking on the role of a teacher, lecturer, or adjunct professor is a great opportunity to shape the next generation of lawyers, businesspeople, and other professionals. With so many different possibilities for stepping up your classroom game, it may be difficult to know where to start. We’ve narrowed the field down to eight advanced teaching tactics for lawyers to consider.

Tech’s Immigration Crisis: How Silicon Valley GCs Can Lead, Educate, and Preserve Hope

In Silicon Valley, we often acknowledge that we live in a “bubble.” Although everyone’s image of the bubble is different, most people would agree that Silicon Valley is kind of an optimistic technology paradise, with larger than life entrepreneurship, an abundance of capital, infinite opportunities, and a global meritocracy that rewards hard work and perseverance.

Teaching 101 for Lawyers: Basic Preparation for Attorneys-Turned-Teachers

Olga Mack and Troy Foster, a partner in the emerging growth practice group at Perkins Coie, recently taught Financial Statement Analysis for Lawyers at the University of Berkeley School of Law. Their teaching experience was tremendously rewarding and a source of both personal and professional growth. They share several factors that practicing attorneys should consider before embarking on this journey.

Katy Motiey: General Counsel as the Ultimate Business Leader

Those who know Katy Motiey for her fearless business leadership and in-house expertise may be surprised to hear that corporate law wasn’t her first calling. Those who’ve benefited from her talent, however, are undoubtedly thankful that her path led Motiey to the corporate world. Motiey was born in Iran, moved to the United States when she was a month old, but then moved back to Iran with her family when she was a young child.