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Learn Your World - In Review

To support your global practice, ACC Docket offers country-specific fun facts from your peers who've been there — literally.


Global population is 7.5 billion (est. 2018).  

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Dear readers, this is our last Learn Your World column. Over the past six years, we’ve strived to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be in-house counsel around the world.

We covered business etiquette, for example:  

In Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, and Russia, wait for a person of the opposite sex to extend their hand for a handshake before extending yours. South Africa recognizes 11 official languages, but English is used for most international business dealings. In South Korea, it matters where you sit during a meeting, with the most senior host siting in the middle. In Costa Rica and Tunisia, expect a 10- to 15-minute delay before meetings begin.  

We collected fun facts, such as:  

Latvia’s internet speeds are the fourth-fastest in the world. World Travel Awards named Peru the best culinary destination in the world from 2012 to 2017. Kenya is the fastest growing economy in Africa. We learned interesting details about different legal environments, including: An in-house lawyer in Papua New Guinea must be well versed with the laws governing her industry as well as the customs and traditions of locals in the area. Most in-house counsel in Malaysia also serve as ethics and compliance officers. The number of lawyers in Brazil increases by 30,000 every year.  

And we reported on new legislation, like:

France’s enactment of a Digital Service Tax in 2019, affecting transatlantic tech companies. Canada joining Uruguay as one of only two nations that have eliminated penalties for marijuana with the passage of its Cannabis Act in 2018.  

Overall, we profiled 56 countries, one territory, and one special administrative region, representing every continent except Antarctica. We’re proud to report that most of our articles were written by in-house counsel who call these places home.  

While there won’t be a country profile in future issues, we are committed to bringing you global content relevant to your practice. Keep an eye out for our new columns in 2020 on data privacy and legal operations.  

As businesses become increasingly invested in cross-border work and counsel continue to interact with counterparts around the world, we hope you maintain a culturally sensitive and open-minded approach. After all, in-house counsel in other countries are not so different from you.

About the Author

Danielle Maldonado is the assistant editor of the Association of Corporate Counsel.