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Day in the life Melissa Reiter

Melissa Reiter

Director, Legal & Policy Officer

G Adventures

Toronto, Canada


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6:30 am

My alarm goes off, but I’m already awake. I check my emails to see what’s been happening overnight at G Adventures’ offices around the world. While I’ve been sleeping, our adventurers have been enjoying life-changing experiences, and my colleagues in our London, Berlin, Cape Town, Melbourne, and Bangkok offices have been hard at work!

8:00 am

Eat a bowl of cereal, read the news, and catch a ride to the office with my husband Matt, who works just a few blocks away from G Adventures Base Camp — our head office in downtown Toronto.

8:30 am

Pick up a few baskets of Ontario peaches and strawberries for my team at the farmers market on my walk to work from Matt’s office.

8:45 am

After responding to some emails, I take out my notebook and identify a few priorities for the day. Chances are this list will change significantly by lunchtime, but I like to go through the exercise daily anyway. The saying “if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” springs to mind.

10:00 am

Meet with the legal team to talk about goals for the week and project status updates, adjusting as necessary to deal with any immediate business needs or world events impacting our passengers. Today, we discuss the potential for flight and tour disruptions caused by labor strikes and protests in two key destinations.

10:30 am

Catch up with our talent coordinator to finalize an offer to a candidate who will be the newest lawyer to join our growing department.

11:00 am

Meet with our operations, finance, product, and marine departments for an update on the construction and marketing of our newest yacht in the Galapagos Islands.

12:00 pm

Head to the gym for a 45-minute spin class. I grab a salad on my way back to the office. I eat at my desk and wish the salad was a cheeseburger. Despite my best efforts, it continues to be a salad. I’m still hungry, so I snack on some of the strawberries from the farmers market. They’re delicious.

1:30 pm

Meet with our VP of operations, our managing director of Asia, and our director of tax and treasury to discuss how the legal and finance teams can support the business’ plans for growth and expansion in the region.

2:30 pm

I hear from our talent coordinator on our internal messaging system — the candidate has verbally accepted our offer! I share the good news with the legal team, finance directors, and our CFO, who were all part of the hiring process.

3:00 pm

I address questions from our US sales team on some large private group travel contracts, helping the team get them signed.

4:00 pm

I respond to another batch of emails and send out some comments on documents from my colleagues in Australia and Asia who will be waking up soon.

6:30 pm

I have a quick catch-up on the events of the day with our associate legal counsel and head home.

7:15 pm

Matt and I make dinner and watch the baseball game. I’m rooting for my beloved Toronto Blue Jays, but they are not having the best season.

11:00 pm

I take one last peek at my emails and wind down for the night by listening to a podcast. Tonight, it’s “Scorpiology” — the study of Scorpions — from the Ologies with Alie Ward series. It’s delightful.