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Day in the life Mayuka Ranasinghe

Mayuka Ranasinghe

Head of Group, Legal Affairs
Srilankan Airlines
Katunayake, Sri Lanka

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5:30 am

I wake up to my 10-month-old daughter’s call for playtime, and get ready for my morning jogging session. I check the emails I received overnight to see if there are any important developments, then I jog for 30 minutes.

6:00 am

I have my morning tea, shower, and get ready. I offer my worship and have cornflakes with milk for breakfast. I spend a few more moments with my baby and wife before leaving home.

7:00 am

During the hour-long ride to the office, I update myself on local and world news while scrolling through websites on my phone and reply to emails that need quick answers. I mentally plan my day in the office.

8:00 am

Once in the office, I list the things that need to be done based on the emails I received overnight and outstanding items from yesterday’s to-do list.

8:15 am

I gather the pending information that needs to be sent to the government of Sri Lanka, which is conducting an ongoing inquiry into the airline.

9:00 am

Meeting with the chief executive officer to discuss and decide next steps in a payment dispute with a professional consultancy firm.

9:30 am

I draft a letter to send to the professional consultancy firm following the discussion with the chief executive officer.

10:00 am

I advise the engineering department on a breach of aircraft sublease agreement by a sublessee and plan the next course of action. Afterward, I draft correspondence to be sent to the sublessee following the internal discussion.

12:00 pm

Discussion with the human resources department on the disciplinary issue of an employee. I provide guidance on the choice to terminate services and its consequences.

1:00 pm

I talk with the industry affairs department about the change of a general sales agent in the Middle East and devise a strategy to appoint new agents.

2:00 pm

Have a full meal with rice for lunch while reading up on local and world affairs again.

3:00 pm

Review a few contracts I received and follow up on some outstanding legal and contracts matters with the rest of my colleagues in the legal department.

4:00 pm

Meeting with the executive secretary to approve invoices for legal services and other administrative matters of the department.

4:30 pm

Continue to check outstanding contracts requiring my legal input.

5:30 pm

Back to the inbox to respond to any emails requiring urgent attention and action.

5:45 pm

Time to leave the office. I have a chat with an old colleague while on the move.

7:15 pm

I visit my parents, making sure they are well. I grab something small to eat after a tiring day.

8:00 pm

I return home and help feed my daughter. I spend time with her while she is being washed and then we put her to sleep.

9:30 pm

I have a light dinner with bread and chicken curry at the family table.

10:00 pm

I check emails to make sure that there are no emergencies.

10:15 pm

I go to sleep on a happy note and wish for a good tomorrow.