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Day in the life Erin K. Stewart

Erin K. Stewart

General Counsel and VP of Human Resources

Pinnacle Group

Dallas, Texas

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5:00 am

The alarm goes off, and I hit snooze a couple of times before getting up. Quickly dressing in gym clothes, I head to my home office to complete a daily writing practice called Morning Pages, which helps me be intentional about how I’m going to spend the day.

5:45 am

Our two dogs, Sugar and Cocoa, are ready for a long morning walk. This is the only time of day it’s nice to be outside in Texas in the summer.

6:30 am

Back at home, I get ready for work and then wake up our 11-year-old and twin eight-year-old sons. My husband is a litigator and has an 8 am hearing, so I’m on drop-off duty today. I promise the boys we can stop for breakfast (and a large iced coffee for me) on the way to camp if they are ready on time.

8:00 am

Drop off the kids and head to the office; about a 30- to 40-minute commute most days. I arrive at the office with plenty of time to check emails before my first meeting.

9:00 am

Meeting with our internal PR team to evaluate the success of a new content platform we’ve been using for the past six weeks, as well as the success of recent newsletters and press releases. We review the plan for the coming week and beyond.

10:00 am

Meeting with our external PR firm to discuss messaging around our new talent platform and ongoing global expansion and to give them direction for the next several weeks.

11:00 am

Host a training call for division leaders on difficult conversations and managing employee performance. This is a regular part of the Leadership Development Program I designed and lead.

12:00 pm

Weekly lunch meeting with the Pinnacle Group senior executive team. This week, we are focused on ongoing international expansion efforts, IT infrastructure improvements, and new regulations that impact our business.

1:30 pm

Back at my desk to catch up on emails and review the contracts for a new software platform we are considering.

3:00 pm

Meeting with our SVP of finance and analytics and the director of finance to get a monthly financial performance and operations update.

4:00 pm

I review a proposed amendment to one of our client contracts and discuss a question about our insurance coverage with our risk manager.

4:30 pm

Time for my favorite Friday afternoon ritual: cleaning out my email inbox. I close out as many small items as possible and plan for the coming week.

6:30 pm

Realizing that I lost track of time working through my email inbox, I hurriedly pack up and leave the office.

7:00 pm

Join my husband and boys for dinner with family friends at our favorite Hibachi restaurant.

8:30 pm

Leave the restaurant and head over to our friends’ house to have a glass of wine and to let the kids play for a while.

10:30 pm

Head home and go to bed.