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Day in the life Edo Bar-Gil

Edo Bar-Gil
General Counsel Appsflyer
Herzliya, Israel

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6:00 am

Wake up and get ready for a quick mountain bike ride on the trails outside Tel Aviv.

7:00 am

I meet up with friends and enjoy the serenity of nature. We usually ride in the mountains around Jerusalem, or along the more technical singles in the Ben Shemen woods.

8:00 am

Arrive back home, where I give my beautiful wife a kiss before jumping into the shower. Afterward, I grab an oatmeal snack and prepare for a busy day.

8:30 am

Start my daily work by reviewing emails that I received overnight from the US team, evaluating both open and new deals that show up in the legal queue. My company, AppsFlyer, helps leading organizations measure and boost the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

9:30 am

Drive to work and conduct a quick update call with my team members (including outside counsel). I use this time to allocate resources as well as plan my daily timetable.

10:15 am

Arrive at work and eat a light breakfast. My first meeting is with the procurement team. We discuss details for the office “all hands” event, during which employees and service providers from our 12 offices travel to HQ for an entire week, and — as always — think together about how to make the process faster and more efficient.

11:00 am

Participate in a weekly legal-sales APAC call, where we discuss any open issues and finalize them, as well as any deals in the pipeline. At the end of the call, we have a quick training session on a topic chosen by one or more of our team members. Each team member shares his or her thoughts, challenges, wins, or fails so we are all able to learn from one another.

11:45 am

Quick meeting with the HR team to discuss ongoing issues.

12:00 pm

Review outstanding agreements. My team members and I make the necessary decision to close pending deals efficiently, including both customer Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements and license agreements.

1:30 pm

The vice president of APAC sales and I have a weekly business call to prioritize upcoming deals.

2:00 pm

Due to the high pace of the day, it is important for me to have a 30-minute break outside of the office. I usually talk to my wife and we update each other about our days. Once a week, I eat lunch with our VP of finance, who I bike with from time to time.

3:00 pm

Daily meeting between the finance-legal heads. The VP of finance and I discuss open issues, finalize open deals, and discuss “sensitive” topics. My work has many commercial aspects, which makes finance meetings very important.

4:00 pm

Sign deals that were finalized on the previous day.

4:30 pm

The CEO and I discuss the US lease for an office and our new headquarters in Israel. Return to the inexhaustible legal queue to review more agreements.

5:30 pm

A quick weekly check-in with our VP of sales, who also runs activities for the EMEA. Then cross the hall to chat with the VP of partner development to review the deals in progress.

6:00 pm

As the day fades in Israel, I chat with the general manager of the US team. The weekly legal-sales call follows. Open issues for both the EMEA and the United States are discussed and finalized.

7:15 pm

Take a final look at the legal queue to see what has risen to the top; hold additional calls with EMEA and US clients; create action items for the next day; invest 10 to 15 minutes in thinking about the day’s accomplishments; and outline ways to make the legal team more efficient.

8:30 pm

On my drive back home, I phone my mother and then my wife while I decompress from a stressful day.

9:00 pm

Prepare an omelet and salad for dinner, which I share my wife. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies.

10:00 pm

A late night call with a US client, which is the last work activity of the day.

10:30 pm

Talk with my wife; tonight we watch Big Little Lies together. We then go to bed.