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Day in the life Cathy Clairet Roig

Cathy Clairet Roig

Legal Counsel, Labor and Employment

TE Connectivity

Paris, France


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6:30 am

The alarm on my iPhone goes off. It’s time to leave the bed and begin my “me time.” I have a 10-month-old baby boy named Aaron, so I indulge myself while the house is still quiet. I meditate, practice yoga, eat breakfast, and shower. I truly believe the way you start in the morning influences the rest of your day.

7:00 am

Time to wake up the baby (if he isn’t already awake) and get him prepared for daycare. When my husband isn’t traveling, we take turns getting Aaron ready.

8:00 am

After dropping Aaron off, I continue my drive to work, listening to music and taking some calls. I have a short commute (30-40 min).

8:30 am

Once in the office, I make a small to-do list (my weekly list is much longer!) with priority tasks I must complete before leaving for the day. Before things get busy, I enjoy a coffee with colleagues.

8:45 am

The real day starts with meetings, calls, and catching up with my emails. As a morning person, I try to draft or review important documents first. My mission as an in-house counsel is to make sure my company is compliant with local labor and employment legislation while being business-minded. The main idea is not to stop the business from working but make sure everyone (business leaders, local HR, plant managers, etc.) is aware of the rules. After all, we are all walking in the same direction.

11:00 am

My day is quite busy with one-on-ones and calls with local HR and other legal colleagues. The main difference for me between private practice and in-house is that I work for only one client, even if the topics are the same.

12:30 am

Lunchtime. A true pause of 30-45 minutes helps me recharge my batteries for the afternoon. I don’t snack during the day, so I try to eat a solid lunch with proteins, vegetables, and cheese.

2:30 pm

Planning my travels to visit worksites in France and abroad. When I joined my company nearly two years ago, it was very important for me to meet all the actors to understand the business. I believe that you need to understand what the company does in order to accurately assess it. I adjust my traveling schedule with my husband’s agenda to ensure there are no conflicts.

5:00 pm

Since my husband is traveling, I take my last calls and prepare to go back to pick up Aaron. (When he’s in town, I usually work until 6:30 or 7 pm.)

5:30 pm

From 5:30 to 8 pm, it’s Aaron’s time. Cuddling, playing, changing diapers, and if the weather allows it, a walk in the park.

8:00 pm

After the baby is asleep, I answer my emails until 9:30 pm. When my husband is home, we eat dinner and catch up — talking about work, holidays, day-to-day life. I fiercely believe in flexibility; life is about balance. I know it sounds difficult to disconnect after the workday, but for me, it is essential to have proper time with my baby while he is awake. I can work better and be more focused after I’ve had that time with him.

10:00 pm

I watch a TV series (I like The Handmaid’s Tale, The Politician, Stranger Things).

11:30 pm

Trying not to fall asleep on the couch. Failed attempt.