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Day in the life Adrienne Harrison

Adrienne Harrison

Interim Head of Legal Bell Identification BV and Ecebs Limited Principal and General Counsel SPR Consulting

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 


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7:25 am

I wake up minutes before the alarm goes off, and I bounce out of bed. Hitting the snooze button is not usually my style — I’m ready to attack the day once I’m awake.

8:15 am

Check emails that came in from the United States and APAC region overnight. Business opportunity is developing in Australia, which makes me wonder if a trip down under might be in my future.

8:45 am

Ride my bike to Amsterdam’s Central Station. I escaped the rain by a matter of minutes!

9:00 am

Catch the train to my office in Rotterdam, prioritize actions and deliverables for the day, and begin responding to emails.

9:45 am

Arrive at the office. Much like my approach to waking up, once I’m in the office, I am off and running!

10:00 am

Catch up with the vice president of business development for the Payments Group. Having heard his perspective on priorities for the team, I confirm that we are aligned and manage my workload accordingly.

10:30 am

Conduct a monthly call with the general manager of the Ticketing Group.

11:15 am

Review and markup a framework agreement and accompanying schedules for a proposed deal with a UK digital transportation aggregator. When in the United Kingdom, I use the services supported by my client and their customers, which always brings the work I do to life.

12:30 am

I grab a quick lunch at my desk while checking in with friends and family.

1:00 pm

Modify a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement for a new digital payment solution. Unchartered territory for my client and me, which I find invigorating.

2:45 pm

Grab a tea and catch up with the finance director. This is one of the few opportunities I have in the day to step away from my laptop and interact socially with a colleague.

3:00 pm

Listen to a Brexit webinar. Given my client’s presence in the United Kingdom, I have to keep a keen eye on developments.

4:00 pm

Modify a Brexit readiness questionnaire based on information gathered in the webinar and discuss it with internal stakeholders.

4:30 pm

Read and respond to emails while finalizing Change Requests (CR) and Statements of Work (SOW). I am constantly thinking of ways to streamline the CR and SOW review process to empower internal clients to take greater control over the final form of these documents. It’s a work in progress!

6:00 pm

Participate in a call regarding acquisition planning.

6:40 pm

Take the train from Rotterdam, finishing up emails and outstanding deliverables while grabbing a much-needed bite to eat.

8:00 pm

Attend a fitness class at my gym. If I could fit it into my schedule, I would become a certified Les Mills BodyCombat instructor!

9:15 pm

Return home and watch the replay of yesterday’s New York Yankees or Giants NFL game. After more than a decade in The Netherlands, it’s the only part of American daily life that I have held on to.

10:30 pm

Once I’ve had my fill of sports, social media, and TV, it’s time to shut the lights off and do it all over again tomorrow.