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Chapter Spotlight: ACC Southern California

Volume 37 , Number 8 , Page 72-73

ACC interviews ACC Southern California Chapter President Kobie Conner, who is also the director of businesses and legal affairs at Independent Films Netflix, Inc.

What brought you to Netflix, and what do you like most about being in-house counsel?

I had no plans of leaving my previous employer, but once I met with my potential new team, I could not pass up the opportunity to help lead a great group of people. It was also very exciting to jump into the next wave of the entertainment tech revolution.

As in-house counsel, I enjoy the opportunity of learning all I can about my company, which allows me to provide the best counsel and advice to the executives I work with every day. I’m still learning a lot about Netflix, and at the rate we’re changing, I’m learning something new every day.

Kobie ConnerAs legal counsel for Netflix, what challenges do you currently face, and how are you addressing them?

Netflix moves at hyper speed, so the biggest challenge is trying to predict the next corporate priority and being nimble enough to pivot quickly. I have to remain flexible and willing to take risks within the context of an ever-changing landscape.

There are very few dull moments.

What skills do the next generation of in-house counsel need to hone?

Sometimes as attorneys, we can be a bit rigid, so the next generation must remain flexible and adapt to change.

Additionally, it is not enough to become an expert on the legal aspect of your particular company — learn as much as you can about the business side of your company and the industry as a whole. The more you know about the business, the better you can advise and predict issues that will arise.

How did you first become involved in leadership in ACC Southern California, and how has it helped you in your career?

After being more of a passive member and winning numerous raffles at various events, I was politely asked (more like told) to stop “free-loading” and get involved on a committee. I’ve been actively engaged ever since and have not once regretted this experience.

Working on the ACC Southern California Board has exposed me to some of most impressive members of the in-house community. Collaborating with my fellow board members helped me to improve my leadership and presentation skills immensely. Being involved and running a board meeting, organizing events, and planning board retreats gives you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone both within ACC and in the workplace. These experiences help prepare me to advance into leadership roles within my company.

How does your chapter promote meaningful connections and provide value to its members?

Our chapter hosts numerous networking events throughout the year at various hotspots across the region to bring our members together. We also have the SoCal Works Committee, which hosts events for our members ranging from resume writing and leveraging your online profile to negotiating your next raise. We recently created a wellness committee that has received a tremendous response.

But there is one event that introduced me to the wider ACC experience: Family Fun Day. This is an event we host each year at an amusement park, and our members bring their family to meet other members and families in the chapter. This allows our members to not only connect through shared career interests but on shared family interests as well. This allows for a more meaningful connection amongst our members that go beyond our work experiences.

What are ways members can become involved in your chapter?

I always encourage our new members to sample the variety of events we put on. Once a member has a sense of what we offer, I encourage them to join a committee that organizes the event(s) the particular member enjoys. That way, a member is invested in the outcome of the event and gains a better perspective on how the committee works within the structure of the chapter. And if the member wants to be involved beyond the committee work, I encourage her or him to apply for a board position.

What are some benefits of ACC membership?

Having a go-to place to keep up on new and exciting legal trends saves me a lot of time from searching for that information on my own. The MCLE events bring subject matter experts to you and makes it very easy to find outside counsel when matters arise. It also helps you establish relationships with the in-house community, and it becomes a valuable source of knowledge and advice as well.

How have connections made through ACC helped you to be the best version of yourself?

My experience with ACC has given me an opportunity to view matters from different perspectives and has helped me decrease my personal blind spots. But what I have truly benefitted from is the relationships that I have built with other ACC members. I have met individuals that I otherwise would not have met but for ACC, and through these relationships I have grown and evolved as person and a lawyer.

How has your involvement with ACC helped you shape the culture of your organization?

Being involved with the committee and board work has taught me the importance of collaboration in an increasingly diverse workplace. At Netflix, an important corporate value is context, not control. And to make this value meaningful, one must be willing to collaborate openly and freely with your colleagues. This is done routinely in large meetings where everyone has a voice, and in smaller meetings or one-on-ones where ideas are freely discussed, and context is provided to make decisions effectively.

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