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ACC San Diego Spends Time with Rescue Dogs

Photo: ACC San Diego’s honorary members were paired with rescue dogs at The Barking Lot.


On Sept. 14, ACC San Diego walked dogs with The Barking Lot as its community service event. The family-friendly volunteering consisted of walking a rescue dog from around the world. The rescue dogs came from Mexico, Thailand, China, and Peru. Participants were paired with a dog appropriate for their level of dog handling experience.


Group of volunteers posing for the camera outdoors on a sunny day.

Photo: ACC San Diego members and their families volunteered at The Barking Lot.


Since 2010, The Barking Lot has rescued over 5,000 dogs, finding happy homes for abandoned dogs scheduled for euthanasia at other shelters. In November 2016, they started a partnership with Soi Dog Foundation based in Thailand. The Barking Lot has rescued and flown in one group of dogs per month since, all survivors of the illegal dog meat trade.

ACC San Diego thanks the following members for attending: Erica Peterson, Jennifer Bush, Haley Bjerk, Jennifer MacDougall, Christopher Thien, and Mindy Kursban.

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