ACC Energy Network Spotlight

Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan




Chair Background

Josh Kaplan has been practicing law for 20 years, 15 of which have been in the energy sector. He is currently lead counsel at Equinor US Holdings Inc., where his practice focuses on transactional, regulatory, trading, and compliance matters in crude oil, power, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. Kaplan previously worked at Noble Americas Corp., Sempra Energy Trading, and Blackrock.

Kaplan has previously served as program and vice chair of the ACC Energy Network. In his spare time, he is a music teacher with NY Cares. Kaplan earned his BS at SUNY Albany in Business Administration and his JD at New York Law School.

Equinor is a broad energy company becoming a major force in the transition to green energy. It develops oil, gas, wind, and solar energy in more than 30 countries worldwide. It is the largest operator in Norway, a leading international offshore operator, and one of the preeminent companies in renewables. Driven by its dedication to safety, equality, and sustainability, Equinor is shaping the future of energy.

What interested you in the in-house practice of law, and what made you interested in participating in network leadership?

As in-house counsel, I get to be a part of the business. In addition to counseling on legal matters, I actively participate in structuring transactions and shaping company policy. There is a level of personal ownership that comes with being in-house counsel. The values and culture of the company inform the way I conduct my day-to-day practice of law.

Participating in network leadership provides me with a unique insight into the trends and concerns among my peers, be they regulatory or transactional, and allows me to share my knowledge and experience with attorneys throughout the industry. Energy matters are at the forefront of global policy. I learn and share a great deal with attorneys worldwide.

How has the ACC Energy Network helped you in your career?

The ACC Energy Network has been tremendously useful in facilitating the sharing of knowledge. Energy matters are both global and regional. The issues we face are shaped by culture as much as they are by local policies. With the help of the Energy Network, my fellow members and I benefit from a worldwide knowledge base.

Network Information

What are some of the goals and/or objectives for the ACC Energy Network?

We work to provide timely and useful knowledge on fundamental issues shaping the energy industry now and in the future. On a monthly basis, we conduct legal seminars covering everything from sanctions, to COVID related force majeure issues, to basic energy transactional matters such as how to structure purchase and sales agreements for oil, power, gas, and renewable agreements.

In your opinion, what are some of the ways that the ACC Energy Network provides value to its members?

We are a broad network comprised of members across the full spectrum of energy companies and energy users. Through our knowledge network and with the support of our sponsor Eversheds Sutherland, we present monthly programs addressing the full range of issues faced by attorneys in our field.

What are ways in which the ACC Energy Network tries to keep its members engaged and interested?

We put together programs that our network asks for. In addition to presenting programs and sharing useful sources of information, we regularly poll our users to make sure the information we share is in demand and practical.

What substantive practice issues does your network address?

Global environmental policy, climate change, the emergence of green energy, energy supply and demand, public policy, regulatory, and transactional matters.

What are some upcoming themes, ideas, or programs that members of the ACC Energy Network can look forward to?

We have exciting programs coming up on Project Financing, the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry and Climate Change, and Extreme Weather Events and Their Impact on the Energy Industry.