ACC Corporate Counsel University Europe Registration is Open

ACC has launched a European version of its Corporate Counsel University® (CCU) to serve in-house counsel within the region. CCU, and now CCU Europe, are specifically designed for lawyers new to the in-house practice with fewer than five years of experience, or those who simply want to sharpen their basic practice skills.

CCU Europe 2021 is an entirely virtual event now available for purchase by ACC members at the price of US$199. The digital package includes 11 educational programs on demand from point of purchase through the end of May. The topics of the programs range from contract drafting, to ethics, to finance, to the differences between private practice and in-house careers.

The curriculum for CCU Europe was developed by an advisory board of six European ACC members specifically for the next generation of European in-house counsel. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from in-house speakers from across Europe including Ella Smith, senior counsel for Uber, and Andrzej Marszal, general counsel with Bacardi-Martini Group.

“I attended CCU to gain practical insight and build a fundamental foundation of the skills required to be successful in the general counsel role. This program helped me achieve that.”

Jacqueline Handel Hawkins, General Counsel at Sentinel Risk Advisors, CCU class of 2019

Live virtual events

Beyond the 11 on demand courses, CCU Europe 2021 will feature two live virtual events in March. These events are available to ACC members and non-members and not dependent on purchasing the CCU Europe on demand package.

“Speed Networking Session for New European In-house Lawyers”

Starting at 5 pm CET, March 4 on Zoom, the first live event serves to complement the on demand courses by providing networking opportunities not otherwise available through virtual events. Participants will spend the hour “speed networking” with at least five of their peers.

“You have an opportunity to feel like part of the community,” Hawkins said, “Build a network of similarly situated attorneys ... and gain the practical insight necessary to be successful.”

“Top Tips I Wish I Knew When I Went In-house”

The second live event starts at 5 pm CET on March 9. The event will be led by Radhika Rani, Senior Legal Counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and UK country representative for ACC. Rani will share her tips for transitioning to in-house from private practice.

The session will be followed immediately by an open-floor Q&A where participants can ask their own questions and hear those from their peers.

“Attending CCU provided me with the opportunity to advance and scale my legal career globally. I strongly encourage everyone to embrace this opportunity and help grow the international legal community.”

Gladys Chun, GC at Lazada, CCU Class of 2017