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Editorial Calendar

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ACC Docket Editorial Calendar 2017

•    Indicates priority articles within the overall issue topic.


IssueFeature article 1st draft due


Ethics & Compliance

•    Managing conflicts of interest
•    Compliance risk assessments / enterprise-wide risk assessments (e.g., third party assessments)
•    Health records disclosures / variations globally
•    EU & US Privacy Shield / data protection
•    Ethical considerations for major corporate takeovers/mergers (e.g., Verizon acquiring Yahoo)
•    Employee training
•    Accountability for ethics / compliance without authority

Special Supplement:
Canadian BriefingsOct 17, 2016

MARCHOct 14, 2016

Law Department Management

•    Technology and innovation
•    Partnering with outside counsel / legal service providers (e.g., opportunities, the future, etc.)
•    Spend (controlling costs, doing more with less)
•    Restructuring after a merger
•    Dynamics of managing legal teams of multinational organizations
•    Startups — tools for the first general counsel
•    The legal operations function
•    Adoption of the CISG in international contracts: pros and cons
•    Top 10 things a small law department CLO should keep in mind

Special Supplement: Asian Briefings Nov 28, 2016

APRILNov 14, 2016

Employment & HR    

•    EEOC/OFCC/ILO compliance / anti-discrimination laws and policies / gender issues in the workplace
•    Talent grooming and retention / onboarding
•    Noncompetes and trade secrets
•    Duty of care (e.g., response to Zika, terror, workplace violence, etc.)
•    Managing at will employment and termination standards (area of focus: the APAC region)
•    Healthcare (changes on the horizon, denial of benefits, what employers can legally ask, etc.)
•    Standardizing benefits in a global business environment / implicit biases

Special Supplement:
Latin American BriefingsJan 5, 2017

MAYJan 13, 2017

Litigation Management

•    Managing multinational litigation
•    Data breach class actions
•    Keeping your client out of court
      o    When to settle, when to go to court, when to mediate 
•    A record year for mergers and acquisitions (causes, forecasts, etc.)
•    Contracts (locally and cross-jurisdictions / the use of plain English etc.)
•    What to send to outside counsel, what to manage in-house
•    The best places / countries to litigate verses the worse, and why (determining jurisdiction)
•    New technologies: trends in technology tools that might change litigation proceedings (e.g., Google Glass, “wearables,” holograms, etc.)

Special Supplement:
Canadian BriefingsFeb 13, 2017

JUNEFeb 15, 2017

Cross Borders

•    Global expansion / M&A
•    In-house practice particular to region/country (trends, growth, etc.) — focus on Africa, South America, and trading block in APAC region
      o    Investing in countries, such as Spain, Nigeria, Turkey, etc.
•    Market access: How do companies gain access to government-controlled market segments?
•    Attorney-client privilege: Global right to practice coverage
•    New and expanding opportunities in emerging nations (e.g., trends, increased regulations, vendor relationships)
•    Brexit: Impact on companies and industries
•    Currency in flux — navigating changing currency / value of money following Brexit
•    Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
•    Studying or working abroad — things to consider / practical guidance
•    The recognition and acceptance of foreign official documents in different jurisdictions — practical notions

Special Supplement: European BriefingsMarch 14, 2017

JULY/AUGUSTApril 11, 2017


•    Demographics shifts in the legal department / addressing the gender and pay gap
•    Mentorship within the legal department and across business units / rotation
•    Apprenticeships — European Union bringing this back, could others follow suit?  
•    Joining a non-profit board
•    Leadership
•    How to change careers
•    Increasing and demonstrating value in the workplace / professional development
•    Emotional intelligence and awareness: Using body language as a legal tools

Special Supplement: Top 10 30-Somethings; Latin American BriefingsApril 25, 2017

SEPTEMBERMay 17, 2017

Technology & IP

•    Information governance
•    Artificial intelligence / robotics
•    Updates on international cybersecurity and privacy laws / policies / data breach
      o    Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
•    Advances in technology (trends / cloud use in legal departments, etc.)
•    Legality of facial recognition
•    Sustainable business — “green” technology
•    Patent / copyright protection and trolls

Special Supplement: Women in Technology; Canadian BriefingsJune 13, 2017

OCTOBERJun 13, 2017

Leading Practices

•    Issues in technology, finance, and healthcare
•    Vendor management
•    Legal specialties — pros and cons
•    Corporate governance
•    Data management and protection / net neutrality
•    Tax law
•    Board governance

Special Supplement: Canadian BriefingsJuly 11, 2017

NOVEMBERJuly 11, 2017

Environment & Energy

•    Climate change policies / working in global energy
•    Developing and implementing an environmental / energy saving program for your law department
•    International environmental reporting requirements
•    Paris Agreement on Climate Change (updates, trends, similar legislation outside of France)
•    The growth of NewLaw in Asia Pacific / using alternative providers
•    Environmental concerns when breaking ground outside your jurisdiction / globally   
•    Genetically modified foods — regulations surrounding GMOs
•    Energy by region (best practices, policies, etc.)

Special Supplement: Asian BriefingsAug 15, 2017

DECEMBERAug 15, 2017

Risk Assessment & Management

•    Executive liability
     o    General counsel liability (High profile cases where GC held responsible — making sure it’s not you or the CEO)
•    Big data risk management (breaches, employee privacy concerns, etc.)
•    Economic change and protecting the enterprise
•    Gatekeeper liability
•    Risk-based framework for contract negotiation and approval
•    Planning for disasters / attacks (man-made, terror, environmental):
     o    Cross boarder protections following a terrorist attack
     o    Outbreaks (doing business in an area where an outbreak has occurred, employee travel — exposure risks, etc.)
     o    Employee well-being

Special Supplement: European BriefingsSep 12, 2017