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Q&A with the EIC: Mark Roellig on Building a Successful and Diverse Company

In this exclusive Q&A with the EiC, chairs of the ACC General Counsel Summit, Maria Sanz Perez of AngloGold Ashanti, Donny Ching of Royal Dutch Shell, and Siobhán Moriarty of Diageo, discuss the summit, leading in times of change, the top challenges and opportunities facing in-house counsel and more. For more information on the Summit, that was held in Paris, May 31 – June 2, visit

The summit

ACC: Why is important for you to be involved with, and actually chair, ACC’s GC Summit to be held in Paris, June 1 – 2?

Maria Sanz Perez: It was important for me because I find that in this time of disruptive change, per the title of the conference, there is great benefit in sharing experiences with peers and getting insights into the experiences of others. As general counsel, in a time where our accountabilities continue to expand, and the role requires increased business knowledge, stakeholder understanding, broader risk identification capabilities, keeping up with changes in the macroeconomic landscape, and more –– it’s difficult to do it all by oneself. These gatherings are a great way to get to connect.

Donny Ching:
The main reason I joined the last summit and this one, is simply because, when compared to other conferences, the GC Summit is the closest it comes to a truly global summit.  It is simply a great opportunity to meet, engage with and learn from general counsel from around the world is great ¬¬–– that is what attracted me to this summit.

Siobhán Moriarty: For me, it was actually Donny who suggested that this might be an interesting thing for me to get involved in. I didn’t participate in the conference in London in 2015 because it clashed with the other meetings that couldn’t be moved, but I have heard good things about the summit. And when I looked at what then was the skeleton agenda, it looked as if the theme and topics were on point for me, and I presume for the other attendees; that attracted me to the summit. Also, I quite enjoy chairing or being on panels because it gives me an opportunity to participate more in the live debate.

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